Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Isaac in Portland

The blog has email from Isaac in Portland, Oregon, who has built a treadle pump for a school project. Isaac writes:

I built my treadle pump from September of last year (2010 - ed.) to March of this year. As you can see from the pictures it uses many of the same design features. Some parts of the design are quite different however. The pistons are a good example of this. For the pistons I used a 3" ABS pipe cap. I then routed this with three parallel grooves each 1/2 inch apart.  Finally I put a 4" O-Ring in each groove and greased it. These work fairly well. Another important change was the pulley system. Instead of using two pulleys I used a single bike wheel. Using parts from the same bike I secured it to the mast and had the wire rope put over it. You will also notice that the mast has been moved to the top. This also works quite well although bike wheels are not a very renewable resource. Other minor differences include a piping system composed totally of PVC and the check valves. My dad and I tried making our own check valves but found that it was almost as expensive buying them.

Congratulations to Isaac for his first rate example of a treadle pump and his innovation, and fine workmanship. I think his pistons and "O" ring seals are particularly interesting. 

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