Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life Scout Seeks Sponsors

In the last post I introduced Isaac in Oregon. As it turns out, Isaac is a Life Scout, and is working to become an Eagle Scout. His Eagle Scout project is to build five pumps, and send them to Haiti. Isaac is seeking sponsors to donate funds for the purchase of the construction materials for the pumps, and help him send his pumps to Haiti or any country where they are needed and will be put to good use. So, if any of our readers are interested in making a contribution of any sort to Isaac's project, or can help with finding a good home for any or all of his pumps, you can contact Isaac at pumps4haiti@gmail.com. I urge you to help Isaac with his project if you can. We (Isaac and I)  thank the folks at Parr Lumber, who have already donated wood for the project. I'll be updating this post as Isaac's project progresses.

Isaac has made good  progress in the 2 1/2 weeks since the project was approved by the Eagle Scout board.  Last Thursday was his first work party and all 5 wood bases were power sawed, drilled, and assembled!   Thanks to Suburban Ace Hardware store in Aloha for donating all the hardware and pipe caps and to George Morlan Plumbing for donating the PVC and valves!

Update 2: Isaac writes and sends a photo:
    The treadle pumps are coming along very well. I hope to finish them by next Wednesday. I've attached a picture of the pumps for the blog showing that all the pipe system has been glued in place and most of the treadle pedals (3) have been attached. Lowe's was generous in supplying me with whatever else I needed to get the pumps finished such as tubing, rods, angle iron and eye bolts along with some spray hose attachments. Home Depot has provided gift cards that will go to purchase hoses to put with the pumps. I had to buy my own O-rings through the mail.  I wish to sincerely thank all the above stores that have given me ALL the parts that I needed.
 Update 3: Isaac sends the following photo of his finished pumps. He's now working to raise funds to cover shipping costs. Isaac writes that the Raleigh Hills Fred Meyer in Portland has donated funds to be applied towards the purchase of hoses.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Isaac in Portland

The blog has email from Isaac in Portland, Oregon, who has built a treadle pump for a school project. Isaac writes:

I built my treadle pump from September of last year (2010 - ed.) to March of this year. As you can see from the pictures it uses many of the same design features. Some parts of the design are quite different however. The pistons are a good example of this. For the pistons I used a 3" ABS pipe cap. I then routed this with three parallel grooves each 1/2 inch apart.  Finally I put a 4" O-Ring in each groove and greased it. These work fairly well. Another important change was the pulley system. Instead of using two pulleys I used a single bike wheel. Using parts from the same bike I secured it to the mast and had the wire rope put over it. You will also notice that the mast has been moved to the top. This also works quite well although bike wheels are not a very renewable resource. Other minor differences include a piping system composed totally of PVC and the check valves. My dad and I tried making our own check valves but found that it was almost as expensive buying them.

Congratulations to Isaac for his first rate example of a treadle pump and his innovation, and fine workmanship. I think his pistons and "O" ring seals are particularly interesting.