Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Lieu of Plans, a Dimensioned Photo

Jim and I have been absent for a while. We're still around and we're still working. We're also still receiving requests for plans. We were surprised a few days ago to receive a photo and email from people we'll call T and D who have decided not to wait, and have started building a pump modeled on ours based on information from this blog and dimensions gleaned from the photos posted here. Jim and I are as pleased as we can be that T and D have exercised this initiative. So, to help speed the process along, and to provide more information to anyone else out there inclined to give pump building a try, I've published these photos of an assembled pump with dimensions pasted over the photo. As always, click on the photo for an enlarged more legible version. More and clearer photos will follow. I'm hoping, as soon as spring and warmer weather arrives, to be able to publish photos of T and D's finished pump. If anyone else out there is building a pump and needs a particular dimension or has a question, please contact me at the email address in the right sidebar. I'll do my best to post an appropriate photo and the dimensional information or other as requested.

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