Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Status Report: Pump Plans

The blog has begun receiving requests for plans for the treadle pump from individuals and organizations.

The status of the CODEP treadle pump is that we have a prototype in the field in Haiti where it is being evaluated. Jim is traveling this week to Haiti and will be getting the results of a month of field trials. When he returns in a couple of weeks, we will incorporate any changes needed in the prototype and begin to create documentation for building one.

Jim and I are keeping contact information on file for those who have requested plans and will be in touch when we get our plans drawn up. Our experience has taught us that there are several subtle aspects to such a pump that need to have a great deal of attention; otherwise its' performance can greatly suffer. We want to fully document these hard learned lessons before we put out plans for people to follow. Readers are encouraged to keep up with our progress on this blog and feel free to contact us in the meantime for any reason. Jim and I thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing this version of a treadle pump being built by many people, anywhere that there is a need.
Again, photo credit to April Leese.

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