Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pump Photos from April

The prototype pump has been in Haiti for some weeks now. Here you see Rick Land and a helper operating the pump on one of the first days there. This photo was provided by April Leese whose livejournal documenting her activities in Haiti can be seen at Readers are invited to stop over at April's to see what she's doing from time to time.

More of April's excellent photos of the first day of pump operation can be seen at

So, what's left to do? A lot. The pump is after all a prototype. Rick is using the pump, as are others, and Jim and I are receiving periodic updates as to what needs to change and what needs to be improved. Once we have the design more tuned than it is now, we intend to publish pump plans, and make them available to anyone. There is already talk under way about how to introduce the pump in Haiti, but that is still far from settled, and a much more difficult undertaking than designing the pump.

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