Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pump Assembly On Site

Here we have Jenner, Winston, and Jobert standing in front of the disassembled pump. Winston is holding a photo of the assembled pump, I think. At Jenner's feet are the suction hose and 130 feet of garden hose that will be used to deliver water. Winston and his group hand carried the pump in it's suitcases and duffel bag through airports and customs.

In the second photo Winston provides instructions in the finer points of pump construction.

Next we see Jobert studying photos. Jim took photographs of the pump at each stage of disassembly. Viewed in reverse order, they form our instruction manual. That was the intent, anyway. Somewhere along the way, the guys hit a snag, and Kathy was called in to provide translations and what looks like a drawing. That's Rick in the right foreground.

Things are straightened out now, and the pump is almost finished. Jenner is installing a piston and it's seals into the cylinder. The last photo show Jobert and Jenner priming the now assembled pump by filling the cylinders with water.

Tomorrow, plans are to try the pump out at one of the project areas in the hills. Thanks to Kathy for the photos, and many thanks to Winston and his group for hauling the pump all the way from North Carolina.

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