Saturday, July 14, 2007

Redesigned Plumbing

Somewhere in an earlier post, I remarked that we were going to have to get the loopy green plumbing under control. We have. Instead of drilling the pump bases on opposite sides, we decided to drill and tap for the check valves on the same side of the pump, with the holes spaced 36 degrees apart. 36 degrees happened to be the magic number that placed the valves close enough together to fit inside the bases, but didn't cause them to interfere with each other when they were screwed in. Some geometry was involved. The photo shows the result on a partially assembled pump. I guess this is a good time to say that the pump has been torn completely to pieces and is being rebuilt from the ground up. That's one reason I've gotten a little behind in the blogging. Anyway, the result is greatly simplified plumbing. It's going to be quite a bit cheaper too, because there's a lot less of it, and because there are no short radius curves, so a cheaper type of tubing can be used it, even though I'm not using it in the photo. One thing at a time, please. The astute observer will also note that the new check valves have been installed. The new pump will incorporate a number of new features. Details later. Oh, I should also say that the 2x4 in the middle and the little pieces of plywood back by the pump cylinders won't be part of the finished pump. They're just there to get the spacing right.

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