Sunday, July 29, 2007

July 29, 2007 - Treadle Pump Test at Jim's 160 Feet Long and 25 Feet of Height

Update by Jim: On Saturday, July 21, Larry and I decided to bring the pump to my house where I have a pond that we could use as a source of water and a fairly long and steep hill to run pipe to simulate how the pump will be used in the CODEP project in Haiti. Some things we've learned: Saturating the piston-seal leather in melted paraffin did not work very well. The leather did not seal very well and there was a lot of friction as it rubbed on the cylinder wall. So far it appears that the best lubricant is Crisco; not the liquid vegetable oil but the solid product, much like old fashioned lard. We first set up the pump beside the pond and connected the output to 160 feet of 1 inch polypipe that was run up a hill for a distance of 160 feet and to an elevation of 25 feet. The following video shows a view from the exit end of the pipe looking downhill where Larry is operating the pump. Effort was quite easy and rate of flow was about 5 gallons per minute.

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