Monday, May 7, 2007

Check Valves

We made a pair of check valves from standard PVC plumbing fittings available at a local hardware store. The fitting in my hand is a 3/4" solvent to 1/2" pipe thread reducer. The check ball is a glass marble. The check ball was caged by cross drilling a piece of 3/4 " PVC pipe and installing two pieces of welding rod. In actual practice, a ball bearing would be used in place of the marble, but one the right size wasn't available. This contraption was pressed together, and we had a check valve. The valves were assembled with a tee to our test piston and cylinder, as you can see in the second photo. The next post will show a short video of our made-in-a-day hand pump in operation. The results were encouraging. The voice you hear in the video is my wife who obviously isn't comfortable operating the camera, and is a little confused about the recent goings on in the back yard. Understandably so.

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